Employer Engagement and Campus Branding – G. Brint Ryan College of Business

We are in the “age of engagement.” Whether it is in-person or through social media, students on college campuses across the nation are waiting to be engaged by recruiters.

In the G. Brint Ryan College of Business there are a number of strategies and opportunities that we can recommend to assist in recruiting.


Our Handshake system makes employers part of a network of over 14 million students on over 800 campuses. You can register and post jobs and internships for free. Handshake allows employers to target UNT as a recruiting campus and reaches all of our students. So it’s “table stakes” in our campus branding strategy. You can find more information about getting started with Handshake here.

Job Fairs

During the course of the year employers can participate in a number of job fairs. Many of these are targeted towards specific colleges, majors, and even industries. We teach our students that career fairs are best viewed as networking events. And while employers will be promoting specific job openings, as importantly is the opportunity to engage students and provide information on who your company is and what you do. Finally, follow-up is key. Meeting students is great and we tell them to follow-up with the employers they meet. But we also strongly recommend following up directly with prospects as well.

On-campus Interviews

The Career Center has more than 18+ interview rooms available. This is a convenient way to set up a full or half-day of interviews at one time rather than bringing candidates on-site piecemeal. The information about your interview is promoted in handshake and through social media as well as directly through the Colleges on a case by case basis increasing visibility to our entire campus.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Corporate partners have the unique opportunities to interact with students, administrators, and other stakeholders connected to the G. Brint Ryan College of Business. Learn more about the program and how to get involved as a Corporate Partner.

Other Branding Opportunities

Employers often are interested in presenting to academic classes or to student organizations. Each professor and student organization is responsible for scheduling these according to their needs but the Wilson Jones Career Center staff can request time on your behalf.

The Wilson Jones Career Center can also request times for tabling in the Business Leadership Building. We also periodically set up industry panels, resume reviews, and mock interviews. The Wilson Jones Career Center also allows employers to host “Ask the Experts,” informal career advising in common areas via tabling.

To learn more about any of these opportunities and schedule a time to talk with us contact us at career.center@unt.edu.