Cover Letters

A Cover Letter is often required as part of the application process. If you submit one, it should sum up how your experiences fit the requirements of the position. A brief yet impactful cover letter can highlight your accomplishments and encourage the reader to want to learn more about you and what you can offer the organization!

Steps for Writing a Cover Letter

Key points in writing a Cover Letter (Can be the body of an email):

  • Typically, three paragraphs

Paragraph 1

  • Introduce yourself, briefly identify your academic and employment background, refer to the position, and explain how you heard about the position
  • Can also be a letter of interest for future opportunities or that someone has recommended you for the job – give details about the referral

Paragraph 2

  • Pick out qualifications from the job description and state how you have demonstrated them. Give specific examples of how your experience aligns with the requirements.
  • Write that you have attached or included your resume

Paragraph 3

  • Ask for further action and wrap up. An interview, meeting or discussion. Provide contact information and thank the reader.

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