Resume/CV/Cover Letter Resources and Assistance

A resume or a CV is required in order to apply for almost any job, and you will typically need to submit a cover letter, too. In addition, it’s important to write a thank you letter following an interview. Below are the multiple tools, resources, and videos available to assist you with writing these important documents plus the opportunity to meet one-on-one for personalized advice.

Personalized Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

For resume advice and review plus assistance writing a cover letter, schedule an appointment or drop in during Quick Chat times without an appointment. Meeting options include in-person, virtual, phone or email. To find your Career Coach and for times, locations, and scheduling help, go to Connect with the Career Center. Business majors should access Connect with the Career Resource Center for location and times plus information about Daily Drop-Ins.

Resume Writing Tool

Resume Writing and CV Resources

Videos to Help with Writing Your Resume or CV

Cover Letter Resources

Thank You Letter Resources