Mean Green Mentors Program – Information for Students

The UNT Career Center is excited to introduce Mean Green Mentors! As a UNT student, you may have attended our career fairs and networking events to connect with employers and alumni. Our new program is all online and creates the opportunity for you to actively seek knowledge and advice from UNT alumni and some of our amazing employer partners who are working in a wide array of industries and fields. Our mentors include alumni who attended UNT and they may have walked the same halls as you. Whether they are alumni or a UNT employer partner, they have now graduated to be successful in their respective fields. Mean Green Mentors provides you FREE access to establish connections to build or add to your very own professional network through mentorship and job shadowing opportunities. Students and alumni can sign up at We are excited to share this opportunity with you to help you become more #UNTCareerReady.

To learn more about Mean Green Mentors and the benefits of participating in the program, watch some of the short videos below.