Mean Green Mentors Program

Mean Green Mentors provides an exciting opportunity to connect with accomplished UNT Alumni and select employer partners. Through this free, online mentoring program sponsored by the UNT Career Center and the UNT Alumni Association, students can seek knowledge and advice from individuals who are experts in their field and begin to build their own professional network, which can help contribute to their long-term career success. Students and Alumni can sign up and get started at

As a student, there are several ways you can benefit from Mean Green Mentors. You can:

  • Submit your interests and career goals and you’ll be matched with UNT alumni to facilitate career networking, mentoring and job shadowing opportunities. This can range from a brief 30-minute conversation to developing a longer three to six month mentoring relationship.
  • Ask career-related questions through the industry-specific discussion forums.
  • Access multiple online resources to help with your career exploration and discernment process.