Report Your Internship or Other Experience

The University of North Texas (UNT) recognizes the educational value of paid and unpaid internships, which provide students with practical experiences outside of the traditional classroom and allow students to apply knowledge and skills in a professional setting. The University monitors internships to obtain a clear understanding of each student’s application of their classroom learning to real-world experiences.

UNT’s policy asks that each Unit Administrator, or designee, electronically submit an Internship Activity Report to the UNT Career Center at the end of each semester regarding any student within the Unit Administrator’s department/division/college who is known to have participated in an internship during the preceding semester. The UNT Career Center will subsequently report aggregate internship activity data for the entire University.

By accessing the resource below, current and prospective students can learn from your experience as they prepare for their own internships or other forms of experiential learning in the near future. Additionally, your information will assist your academic department’s reporting efforts.

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