Internships: Prepare for the Unexpected

Some internship employers may have to reassess the need for internships or their capability to support an educational program right now in an effective way. If your internship is canceled, please remember that this is not a reflection on you, but is a product of circumstances that are out of your control. That said there are some things that you can do.

Is your internship for credit?

If so, the first thing you should do is to reach out to the faculty member or administrator who oversees your internship course. Each Program, Department, and College will have its own process for addressing the situation. You should notify them immediately upon learning of the decision so that you can work together to find a way to modify requirements (if possible) and to complete the internship. Please note that there are some internships that are required for professional credentialing; in these cases, any modifications would be up to the governing body for that particular certification and even a faculty member may not be able to modify the requirements.

If your internship is not for credit but you want to continue to gain experience please contact the UNT Career Center (  Staff members are available to assist you in finding potential alternatives.

Try Again…

If you are not graduating this semester you may think about just starting over and doing a different internship with another employer.

Additional Suggestions

An article in Forbes just addressed this with some good advice on what to do if your internship is cancelled.

  • Ask your mentor or boss if you can work remotely
  • Start your own project
  • Conduct your own research
  • Study for standardized tests
  • Get involved in the local community

How the Career Center can help

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