Internship Information for International Students

Can I have an internship as an international student?

Most likely, yes! International students can typically participate in an off-campus internship using Curricular Practical Training (CPT.) Students can be eligible to use CPT for an internship if they have been enrolled in school full-time for 2 long semesters and have maintained F-1 status. The internship must be related to your major field of study and be taken for course credit OR must be required for completion of your degree.

Students should work with their academic advisor and International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) as early as possible before searching for internships to ensure that they are eligible, the correct course is taken for credit, and that appropriate paperwork is completed. Learn more about the CPT process here.

What is the process for getting an internship using CPT?

  1. Prepare
    • Check with International Student & Scholar Services to make sure you will be eligible to apply for CPT.
    • Check with your academic advisor for enrolling in a course to obtain credit for the internship.
  2. Apply for internships
  3. When you accept an offer for an internship…
    • Submit CPT paperwork to International office.
    • Report your internship to the Career Center through Handshake.

Note: Students can complete CPT paperwork and report through Handshake concurrently. Processing times vary depending on the department. Some departments will take longer if they involve multiple approvers.

  1. Paperwork processing
    • Receive I-20 and Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card from International office.
    • Your department will review your internship report for approval.

Where should I go for more questions about CPT?

Contact the International Student & Scholar Services office or learn more about the CPT process here.

How do I know what course to enroll in to obtain course credit?

Select the college associated with your major from the College Career Communities list. Under Gain Experience, select Internships to see if your department offers a course for internship credit and other details about the appropriate course. For further questions about the course and any academic requirements, reach out to the contact person listed for your department or to your academic advisor.

How can l learn more?

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