Avoiding Employment Scams

Summer 2023 Update:

This summer there has been an increase of ‘job scam’ emails.

The ‘job scam’ emails can usually be identified as offering a $350-$500 weekly wage, and will ask for you to contact them by something other than email, usually phone or text. The sender email address may also be impersonating someone from UNT.

These scammers will try to get personal and confidential information from students who respond. Also, they may even send a check to be cashed requesting a portion be sent elsewhere. The check will however bounce and the bank will demand repayment from the student.

For further information, the Federal Trade Commission warns of these types of scams on their website https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/job-scams. UNT System IT also has a page warning students of job scams and other types of phishing at https://itss.untsystem.edu/divisions/mrs/is/cybersecurity-awareness-students.php.

Please view the resource as well for further information on job scams and how to detect and avoid them.

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