Find International Friendly Employers

Once you’ve identified your career interest and familiarized yourself with employment authorization regulations, it is time to develop your career goals. That includes being aware of the field, which you can accomplish by conducting research to identify which employers in your academic area or discipline are most interested in hiring international students.

There are many resources available to help you find international talent-friendly employers, including:

  •’s H-1B Visa Reports. You can identify top H-1B visa sponsors by industryoccupation or job title. Use their database to learn if the company has petitioned for an H-1B. If a company is in this database, they are open to sponsoring international students for H-1B. Remember, even if a company offers H-1B sponsorship they may not hire international students for all positions.
  • GoinGlobal includes more than 80,000 pages of constantly-updated content on topics such as:
    • Work permits/visa regulations, including H1-B information by city/metro area
    • Cultural/interviewing advice 
    • Résumé/CV writing guidelines and examples
    • Employment trends
    • Salary ranges
    • Networking groups
    • How to Access GoinGlobal:
      • Our paid subscription requires you to initially access this site on-campus and create a free account. Once you’ve created an account, you will be able to access it from anywhere.
  • LinkedIn Alumni Finder. You can search alumni groups and online communities to identify which employers hired international alumni from UNT. 

Using the resources listed above, it is recommended that you identify at least 10 international talent-friendly employers in your fields of interest. Once a list of your target employers is ready, gather information about each one to determine whether it is a good match with your distinct skill set, values and career goals. While your job search does not need to be confined only to those employers who have previously hired international candidates, it can help to know in advance if an employer has gone through the process before.