Practical Career Advice Podcasts

Get Hired, UNT is a series of podcasts hosted by the UNT Career Center featuring practical career advice from UNT alumni and students plus employer insights.

Kenneth Nguyen, UNT Alumnus – BBA in Accounting and BCIS, discusses the value of working with the UNT College of Business Career Resource Center on his resume and interviewing skills, the benefits of joining a student organization, plus other career advice. Podcast Transcript – Kenneth Nguyen


Makenzi Roberts, UNT Alumna – BBA in Entrepreneurship, she shares information on the important of accepting career opportunities and making the most of new experiences. She also explains the ways the UNT Career Center helped her reach her current position by helping her formulate a strong resume, and introduce her to new networking opportunities. Podcast Transcript – Makenzi Roberts


Shawn Chin, UNT Alumnus – BBA in Finance, shares advice on the importance of networking. He also talks about how UNT Career Coaches and career fairs helped him to find his current position at an accounting firm. Podcast Transcript – Shawn Chin


Vanessa Ellison, UNT Alumna – MS in International Sustainable Tourism, shares her experience in regard to how important internships and shadow opportunities are when deciding on a career. She also talks about the ways the UNT Career Center has helped her refresh and review her resume after graduation. Podcast Transcript – Vanessa Ellison


Landon Ellison, UNT Alumnus – MEd in Higher Education, talks about his process for determining the best major and career fit for himself. He also shares the benefits of speaking with a UNT Career Coach and how they helped him to review his resume and process what he learned from interview experiences. Podcast Transcript – Landon Ellison


Matthew Rader, UNT Alumnus – MA in Interaction Design, UNT at Frisco, shares the strategies he used to conduct a successful job search including a review of his resume by a UNT Career Coach. He also talks about his decision to work for a startup company and how that experience has been. Podcast Transcript – Matthew Rader


Gabriel Mireles, UNT Alumnus – BBA in Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management Major, discusses what has contributed to his success including an internship, student organization and leadership experience, and taking advantage of the programs and information provided by the UNT Career Center. Podcast Transcript – Gabriel Mireles


Cliff Zintgraff, UNT Alumnus – PhD in Learning Technologies, talks about his process for determining the best career fit for himself. Podcast Transcript – Cliff Zintgraff


William Seale, UNT Alumnus – MBA in Strategic Management, explains the value of networking and other strategies you can use when searching for a job. He also talks about the interviewing process and the benefits of working with a career coach at UNT. Podcast Transcript – William Seale