Who’s My Career Coach or Internship Specialist?

The UNT Career Coaches and Internship Specialists are highly-trained, extremely-knowledgeable professionals who are committed to helping you achieve your career goals. Career Coaches are available to help you with selecting a major, writing your resume or CV, conducting a job search, improving your interview skills and much more. Internship Specialist are available to answer all your internship questions and help you with finding an internship.

Both Career Coaches and Internship Specialist are assigned to work with specific populations of students based on your major, classification, and location. To find your Career Coach or Internship Specialist, select the Career Community for the College or School associated with your major. (If you don’t know which College or School to select, you can find it in the UNT Degree Programs list.) Once you access your Career Community, scroll down and your Career Coach and Internship Specialist will be listed in the right-hand column. Click the green button to access their contact information.

Reach out to your Career Coach or Internship Specialist today! They look forward to assisting you with your career journey.