Making and Utilizing Connections as an International Student

Networking is an EXTREMELY important part of earning a job after graduation. It’s even more important for international students in order to find an employer to sponsor your working visa so you can stay in the U.S. once your OPT expires, if that is your goal. Even if a company “doesn’t hire international applicants,” exceptions are made for great candidates. You can increase your chances of getting an interview if you meet with and impress employees within organizations you’re interested in.

Review our top networking resources and tips for international students. 

  • Speak with Your Faculty: Your professors have years of experience in your field of study, have often times worked in the field and are connected to employers around DFW and the country, and the globe.  Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions and get advice. 
  • Talk to Employers at Career Events: Even if you don’t know anyone in your field, the Career Center hosts hundreds of employer events a year that are designed to connect you to professionals in a variety of fields.  Check Handshake for events coming up.
  • Join a UNT Student Group. Many student groups bring in area professionals, connect you to jobs/internships and can send you to professional conferences/ job fairs. You will also meet other students with similar interests who may be able to connect you to opportunities.
  • Connect with Alumni: There are a wealth of resources available to connect with Alumni, such as LinkedIn Alumni Finder, the Alumni Association, Mean Green Mentors, and Interstride. This will allow you to search for Alumni working in your field of interest. Many Alumni are open to providing career advice, informational interviews or professional introductions.
  • Volunteer or Intern: This is one of the best ways to meet professionals in the field of your interest.  Learn more about the industry while demonstrating your skills and value to the organization. Many volunteers and interns get hired on after graduation. A few organizations seeking volunteers are: Translators Without BordersAmerican Red Cross, and United Nations Volunteers.