MyPlan – Career Assessment Tool and Resources

Whether you’re choosing a major, planning ahead for your first career, or thinking about making a career change, MyPlan can help you explore options and bring clarity and insight into figuring out what’s right for you. Use these Instructions and the License Code below to get started.

Note: You will see a price list, but there is no need for you to purchase any of the assessments. They are all free to you as a UNT student using the license code.

I. Create an Account/Login – The first time you access MyPlan, you must create an account and enter the License Code: GEVTXBFY. Follow these steps:

1. Go to and click on Create Free Account in the box on the right.

2. Fill out the required fields, including the License Code: GEVTXBFY. Be sure to remember your password.

3. In the future, you will go to and click Log Into Existing Account.

II. Access MyPlan Assessments and Resources – After you log in, use the tabs across the top to access the MyPlan career assessments and resources.

1. Careers Tab – On the Careers Tab, you can find information on over 900 different careers, watch short videos for almost 500 different careers, use the Salary Calculator and browse through Top Ten Lists, Career Communities, and Industry Databases.

2. Assessment Tab:

  • Career Personality Test – This assessment will depict your personality from 16 potential personality types based on dominant preferences. Your personality type will then be used to rank-order different careers based on how well they match your individual personality.
  • Career Interest Inventory – This assessment will determine your personal interests and how they relate to work. It will compare your personal interests with those of people working in different careers and will rank-order each career based on how well it matches your personal interests. There is also a feature that will cluster score to help determine your work-related interests.
  • Career Skills Profiler – This assessment will provide feedback on your strengths and weaknesses and compare your skill set to various careers in order to provide you with career path recommendations.
  • Career Values Assessment – This assessment will determine what about a job motivates you or is important to you. You will be presented with scores in each of six work values clusters. The higher the score, the more important that work value is to you. Once you have completed the desired Assessments, you should schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to talk about the results.

3. Colleges Tab – Under the Colleges Tab you can search through undergraduate, graduate, community and career colleges based on over 40 different criteria like, ACT/SAT scores, location, and cost. Other resources include College Rankings, Famous Alumni Directory, Financial Aid Guide, College Media Library, College Community, and a College Resource Center.

4. Majors Tab – The Majors Tab will allow you to explore different majors and degrees and help you answer the question, “What can I do with a major in…?” Additional resources include, a Top Ten list, a Majors Community to discuss user questions, and a Majors and Degrees Resource Center.

5. Account Tab – The account tab is where you can edit your community and registration profiles, manage and view your portfolio and review any orders that you’ve made. For more information, watch this video – How to Series: MyPlan Assessment.