Research the Company


The more information you have about a prospective employer, the better prepared you will be during the interview. You need to know about the organization’s products, trends, and employment requirements. This is vital for interview preparation.

Suggested information to review about the company:

  • Name, age, location, and number of plants, offices, and stores
  • Type of products or services
  • Growth history
  • Anticipated growth (current size within industry)
  • Current challenges (chief competitors)
  • Parent company
  • Subsidiaries
  • Major activity of company
  • Annual report (if they are publicly held)

Where to find the information:

Many information sources such as newspapers, industry publications and directories can help the job seeker in researching companies. You should be able to locate most of these in a public library. Some examples include:

  • American’s Corporate Families
  • Annual Reports
  • Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory (Local)
  • Dallas Business Journal
  • Directory of Business Information Resources
  • Directory of Corporation Affiliations
  • Dun & Bradstreet Business Information Reports
  • Employer’s Annual Reports
  • Fortune Magazine
  • Industry Magazines (Specific to your field)
  • MacRae’s State Industrial Directory
  • Million Dollar Directory
  • Moody’s Manual
  • Newspapers (Local)
  • Standard and Poor’s Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives
  • Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
  • Wall Street Journal