Interview Success Strategies

Below are some guidelines to help you get started with your interview preparation.

Videos to watch with advice from recruiters:

  • Virtual Professionalism 101 – Interview Advice – Jordan Jobe, Recruiter at Ryan, LLC, offers tips on what to do before and after the interview, professional dress, virtual interviews, and more.
  • Interview Tips – Jade Vite, Group Talent Acquisition Manager at Enterprise Holdings, gives interview advice.
  • Interview Tips from Fidelity Investments – Recruiters at Fidelity provide helpful tips you can you can use for your next interview.
  • The “Principals” of Interviewing – Robert Mason, Coordinator of Talent Acquisition and Retention for Aurora Public Schools (in metropolitan Denver, Colorado), explains what school administrators are looking for in an interview and strategies to enhance your job search.

Interview tips to follow:

  • Review the job posting in great detail.
  • Research the company and find out as much as possible about the employer.
  • Prepare relevant answers to common interview questions.
  • Memorize good examples that demonstrate the key behaviors required for the job.
  • Anticipate any red flag areas from your résumé and be prepared to discuss them.
  • Consider your strengths and how they can add value to the job.
  • Prepare questions to ask interviewer.
  • If the interview site is local, visit the location in advance so that you know where you are going and can arrive stress free and on time.
  • Practice interviewing using Big Interview. Watch Getting Started with Big Interview for help using the tool. Watch Big Interview – Interview Advice Videos to learn how to locate relevant videos within Big Interview, which are categorized by theme and provide interview tips and advice. For additional help, access the Big Interview Student Guide.
  • Schedule an appointment with your Career Coach for a mock interview and to receive assistance with other helpful interviewing tips.
  • If you’re feeling stressed or nervous about an interview, you may find this article from Psychology Today helpful: 10 Ways to Calm Your Interview Anxiety.